Welcome to Panchamunidev

The institution was born as a primary school by the name Panchamunidev Secondary School in 20XX B.S. i.e. 19XX A.D. It aimed at offering quality education to the young generation in the best possible way. Now, it has made a noticeable space in the academia. In a short time, it has been running Science, Management and Education streams for 10+2 students very successfully. Struggling through the transitional period in the country, it is preparing a lot to contribute a lot to contribute to the formation of New Nepal by imparting quality education to the young angles, the future guards of our motherland.

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Message from Management

From Chairman – Falano Prasad

A pretty long time has been passed since we started producing competent human resources for the era. We have collected lots of pain as well as pleasant experiences during the period. These memories have always been encouraging us to be a better mentor the other day. Certainly, today’s students need not merely the instructors but the inspirers who can ease their journey to their chosen fields.

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From Principal – Dhurba Kumar Malla

We are very much delighted to disseminate information about our School and its activities to our parents and well-wishers through this official web site of Panchamunidev Secondary School. Without doing any delay, I would like to welcome you to this site and do hope you will not only obtain information about the activities in the School but also enjoy every moment visiting this site in.

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